CADE Users

Data Requirements Planners manage all data requirements within the CSDR planning process.

cPet Web

  • Access to the cPet Web program and contract planning tool
  • Appropriate for reviewers

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Data Submitters submit contractor data reports for CSDR deliverables

CSDR Data Submitter

  • Responsible for delivery of CSDR reports (FlexFiles, SRDRs, 1921 series, CWBS Dictionaries, 1921-3 / FPRs, etc.) to the CSDR Submit-Review
  • Appropriate for weapon systems contractors

Reference information for SRDR Data Submitters:

  • Application Domains - The SRDR DID requires that Application Domains are identified for reported software activities. The brief linked below provides a description and a definition for each of the Application Domains.

    Application Domain Brief

  • Unified Code Counter-Government (UCC-G) - The SRDR DID requires the use of the Aerospace approved version of the University of Southern California (USC) Center for Systems and Software Engineering (CSSE) Unified Code Counter (UCC). The Government has conducted Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) that ensures the code counter can be used on Government systems and provides standardized results across the DoD community. Directions for downloading the tool are included below:

    Access to the UCC-G requires the interested party to acquire a DI2E (Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise) account. This is a two-step process outlined below.

    Step 1: Please request a DI2E account following the process outlined on the following link:

    The DI2E account request has two parts. (1) Proof of U.S. Citizenship, and in parallel (2) an online registration form is submitted.

    Step 2: Once an interested party obtains their DI2E account, please follow the instructions here to request Read Access to the UCC-G project (U2C2 Read)

    Once the user is approved, they will be able to access the UCC-G here.

    Questions about UCC-G can be directed to

More on the CSDR Submitter Role

  • Responsible for reviewing CSDR reports once they have been delivered by the contractor and submitting date change requests
  • Program Office Lead Reviewer, Program Office Reviewer, and Community of Interest Reviewer
  • Appropriate for DCMA Field Representatives, Service Cost Center Representatives, and Government DOD staff

More on the CSDR Reviewer Role

Software Data Report (SRDR) Software Unified Review Function (SURF)*

  • The SURF team is a cross-agency team to support the review of SRDRs by government analysts
  • The SURF works with the DCARC analysts to provide feedback on SRDR submissions

Read the Department of Defense Software Resource Data Report (SRDR) Verification and Validation (V&V) Guide version 4.0

Analysts browse, download and analyze cost, technical and acquisition data

  • Able to view and download all published CSDR reports for all programs, access views, and other analytical tools
  • Appropriate for Gov't DOD staff only

CADE User Guide - Data and Analytics