Cost & Software Data Reporting (CSDR) Validation

Cost & Software Data Reporting (CSDR) Validation

The Validation process is an integral part of the overall data collection process for the Cost Data Support Group (CDSG). The automated and manual validation process verifies that all Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) requirements, as stated in the DD 2794 CSDR Plan, Data Item Descriptions (DIDs), and Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs), are fulfilled.

The Validation process is a collaborative effort between members of the Cost Working Group Integrated Product Team (CWIPT) which includes Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) analysts, Program Office (PO) representatives, Service Cost Center (SCC) analysts, Cost Assessment Program Evaluation (CAPE) analysts, and the reporting entity.

The process begins when the reporting entity uploads and submits their forms into CADE’s Submit & Review portal (CSDR-SR) and ends when the report is finalized (either Accepted or Rejected). Accepted reports are published into the Data & Analytics module within CADE. Below is an overview of the Validation Process:

Contractor Submit DCARC Initial Review Within 28 calendar days of DCARC Review CWIPT Initial Review Accepted? Yes Contractor to resubmit within 30 days No - revisions required Contractor Revisions DCARC Revisions Review Within 14 calendar days of DCARC Review CWIPT Revisions Review Accepted? Yes No - submission is rejected
CSDR Validation Chart

The Cost Planning & Execution Tool (cPet) is available as a desktop tool or application within CADE, and is a source of automated validation to ensure industry’s compliance with the standard format, CSDR Plan, and DIDs for 1921, FlexFile, Quantity Data Reports, and Software Resource Data Reports. The cPet desktop tool and User Guide are available on the CSDR Tools page.

The Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) authoritative list of all automated and manual validation checks and errors, for all required forms, can be found in the Validation Master Checklist.