DD2794 CSDR Plan

CSDR Plan Guidance & Implementation

The Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) plan is an effort between the Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE), the Service Cost Centers, and the individual Program Management Offices. The Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) Plan is an approved document, signed by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE) for all ACAT I Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAPs). For ACAT II programs, the CSDR plan approval is delegated to the MILDEP Cost Center Director or the Component Equivalent.

The DD 2794 CSDR Plan will help ensure the reporting requirements and structures are properly defined for cost, software, and technical data reporting. The Cost Working Integrated Product Team (CWIPT) is responsible for creating the CSDR plan for all contracts that meeting the applicable reporting thresholds. The CWIPT, and associated planning process, determines what data is needed, when the data is needed, and how the data will be reported, and formally incorporating appropriate contractual requirements into requests for proposal (RFPs), model contracts, subcontracts, and other pertinent contract-related documents. The execution process begins with contract award and involves the submission of CSDR data in accordance with the contract requirements that were developed during the planning process.

To the maximum extent possible, the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for cost reporting identified in the CSDR Plan should be consistent with MIL-STD-881E (or current version at time of award). CAPE and the services have developed template plans that may be leveraged as a starting point for the Program Office, and are available on the CADE public website: Standard Plans

March 2019 FlexFile Implementation Memo

Instructions for Completing the DD 2794 CSDR Plan

Legacy DD 2794 Version:
DD 2794 CSDR Plan (2015)

Version after May 15, 2019:
DD 2794 FlexFile CSDR Plan (2019) DRAFT

The following guidelines should be adhered to during the CSDR Planning process:

  • The Government Program Office, following their agency procedures, is responsible for drafting the DD 2794 CSDR Plan for contracts that meet or exceed the CSDR reporting thresholds. The Government Program Office must give CAPE immediate notification of the CSDR Plan drafting process.
  • The DD 2794 CSDR Plan, draft Request for Proposal (RFP) language, Resource Distribution Table (RDT), draft CSDR Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL), Acquisition Schedule, and draft IPMR CDRLs must be submitted to the CADE Program Planning Module (PPM) 60 days prior to release of the draft RFP.
  • Standard plans may be used as the starting point for CSDR Plan development, and they can be found here: CSDR Plan Standards
  • In addition to implementation on Prime contracts, the 2794 CSDR Plan may be used for Government and Subcontract reporting plans.
  • The DD 2794 CSDR Plan must be coordinated with CAPE, Service Cost Directors, and the applicable PMO.

    • The CSDR Plan should be voted on and approved by the PMO, the DCARC Analysts, the CAPE Analyst, the Service Cost Director, the DCARC Director, and the Deputy Director Cost Assessment (DDCA) within the CADE Program Planning Module (PPM).
    • A Post Contract Award meeting should be held as soon as possible after contract award, to include the performing contractor, PMO, DCARC, CAPE and Service Cost Leads, to review the required reporting structure and annotate any revisions to the approved DD 2794 CSDR Plan.

  • CSDR CDRLs must reference the Approved CSDR Plan number.

  • The PMO must notify DCARC, CAPE, and the Service Cost Directors if the WBS reporting structure changes throughout the life cycle of the program, and a DD 2794 CSDR Plan revision will be processed if applicable.

DD 2794 CSDR Plan Process

The “CSDR Plan Process Flowchart” provides a step-by-step breakdown of the CSDR Planning process. This flowchart provides guidance to all parties involved in the CSDR Plan process and should be followed in order to successfully navigate, coordinate and implement a CSDR Plan on contract:

The CSDR Plan Process consists of RFP Identification, Initial Plan Drafting, DCARC/CAPE Review, Program Office Approval, CWIPT Review, SCC/DCARC/DDCA Director Review, Dissemination to CWIPT, Dissemination to Contractors (which begins once the RFP is released, and concludes with the Contract Award), Post Award Conference, and, finally, the Validation of Cost Reports.