CSDR Tools

Cost & Software Data Reporting (CSDR) Submit-Review

Within the CSDR Submit-Review system, industry submits the CWBS Dictionary, 1921, 1921-1, 1921-2, 1921-5, and SRDR Development & Maintenance data to a government review team consisting of the Government Program Office, the DCARC, and a community of interest. Following approval, the reports are published into the DACIMS & CADE Data & Analytics Application.

Program Planning Module (PPM)

Within the CSDR Submit-Review system, the Program Planning Module (PPM) provides a secure, collaborative environment for the Cost Working Integrated Product Team (CWIPT) to process a CSDR Co-Plan and all required supporting documentation:

Cost Planning & Execution Tool (cPet)

The DCARC’s CSDR Planning & Execution Tool (cPet) software provides automated FlexFile and Quantity data reports and also legacy reports including the 1921, 1921-1, 1921-2, and 1921-5 cost report validation as well as assisted CSDR plan creation.

  • cPet Features
    • Creation of new program/contract plans using the cPet WBS editor
    • Automated conversion of plans to the latest version of the DD 2794
    • Requirements for Cost and Hour Report (FlexFile) and Quantity Data Report
      • Supplements for the Scope Definition, SRDR Development and Maintenance tables
    • Ability to create and edit your FlexFile and Quantity Data report templates in Excel or JSON format
    • Ability to validate your FlexFile and Quantity Data Report against the CSDR plan
    • Ability to validate your SRDR Development, Maintenance, and ERP Reports against the CSDR plan
    • Creation of Resource Distribution Tables (RDTs)
    • Validation of 1921 and 1921-1 cost reports (requires a copy of CSDR plan in either .xls or .xml format)
    • Side-by-side comparison of 1921 or 1921-1 reports across two reporting periods