CSDR Compliance Rating

CSDR Compliance Rating

The Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) is a multi-part assessment that provides information for a specific group of programs that Department of Defense is interested in. The program manager, program executive officer, and Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation (CAPE) provide comments that are incorporated into the DAES, along with cost and funding data. The DAES provides an early-warning report to decision makers and describes actual program issues, warns of potential program issues, and describes mitigating actions taken or planned. DAES reports will include program assessments, unit costs, and current estimates at a minimum.

The DAES process allows users from within the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) community to write a brief assessment of the program against a series of indicators. Each indicator is descriptive of an aspect of the program. Each assessment consists of a rating, an explanation of the rating, and a short synopsis of the rating, which is combined to provide a highlight of the overall program status.

The Defense Cost and Resource Center (DCARC) contributes to the DAES review with input being the CSDR Compliance Assessment. The CSDR compliance assessment is only a portion of the overall DAES assessment, but it provides executive leadership valuable insight into whether a program is compliant with the CSDR requirement. This notice is to inform the cost community of the updated rating criteria regarding CSDR compliance for the DAES review.

*CSDR deliverables include CWBS dictionaries, CCDRs, SRDRs, and signed CDRLs
Green No open CSDR compliance issues.
Green Advisory All outstanding CSDR deliverables* are less than or equal to three months overdue.
Yellow Any outstanding CSDR deliverables* greater than three months, but less than or equal to six months overdue.

Either of the following:

  1. Any outstanding CSDR deliverables* greater than six months overdue.
  2. Formally rejected CSDR deliverables* outstanding greater than 30 days overdue.

Program Office issues or long-term outstanding submissions:

  1. Program Office released RFP without an approved CSDR plan.
  2. Program Office awarded a Prime contract without an approved CSDR plan.
  3. Program Office allowed Prime contractor to award a Sub Contact without an approved CSDR plan.
  4. Three or more consecutive formal rejections for the same CSDR deliverable event will remain in red-critical until the deliverable is accepted.
  5. Outstanding CSDR deliverables* greater than twelve months overdue.
Not Rated

The program has no CSDR activity.

Not rated programs will be evaluated and a determination will be made as to whether or not to continue to carry the program.

CSDR deliverables consist of Contract Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS) Dictionaries, Contractor Cost Data Reports (CCDR), Software Resources Data Reports (SRDR), signed Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs), signed Subcontract Data Requirement List (SDRLs), and any required deliverables established by the Cost Working Integrated Product Team (CWIPT).

Programs with ratings of red and or red-critical in the DAES compliance assessment shall lead to a delay in an Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) from the Office of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation (CAPE), which is required for Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) decision, until the CSDR compliance issues are resolved. Any questions relating to the subject may be directed to CADE Help Desk.