Starting in 2021, the CADE Support team has put on live webinars bi-weekly on CSDR policy, common questions, and tips to fully utilize CADE for each user community (industry, government, analysts, and planners/reviewers). These webinars are an additional educational tool to the CADE LMS online training courses with the goal of introducing new CADE features and facilitating real-time Q&A on specific topics. They provide detailed instruction on topics such as creating cost reports, submitting them into CADE, reviewing them, or browsing the data.

For upcoming webinars, please see the CADE Events Calendar page. To register for one or more, see the Training Events page and click the “Register for CADE Training Events” button. Once you are registered, you will be sent a calendar invitation for each webinar shortly before it occurs. Webinars are hosted via Zoom and Microsoft teams to accommodate both government and industry CADE users.

For archived recordings of past webinars, see below. Webinar topics are informed by the most common questions and concerns submitted to the CADE Support Team. If you have suggestions for future webinar topics, please contact CADE Support to provide your feedback.