Software Data

Software Data

Software Development for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

The current SRDR Data Item Description (DID), DI-MGMT-82035, has been updated to include a new format to capture the technical data and costs associated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Defense Business Systems. The new ERP form is a special case of the Software Development form and the same reporting thresholds apply. The ERP form must be used for all new ERP or applicable Defense Business System contracts and government efforts over $20M in development.

Contract data requirements lists (CDRLs) may be amended to implement the updated DID and respective forms for future software releases at the discretion of the Program Manager and Cost Working Integrated Product Team (CWIPT).

Development SRDRs, including ERP, should align with acquisition Contract Cost Data Reports (CCDR) (DD Forms 1921 and 1921-1). The ERP Form, currently titled Format 3, accommodates initial reports with estimated values, interim reports with a combination of estimated and actual values, and final reports with actual values.

Software Maintenance

In addition to the new ERP form, the SRDR DID has been updated to reflect changes to Software Maintenance Reporting. The updated DID and the updated Software Maintenance Form are linked below: