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CCDRs and SRDRs are the primary means by which the Department of Defense (DoD) collects data on the costs that contractors incur on DoD programs. CSDR reporting requirements are determined by Acquisition Category (ACAT), program category, and the value of individual contracts and subcontracts within the program. Programs are categorized according to estimated dollar value for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E), production, annual acquisition and life-cycle costs. CSDR requirements apply to ACAT I programs and are the same for all contracts and subcontracts. Applying CSDR requirements to ACAT II and ACAT III programs are at the discretion of the services (cost centers). On January 9, 2017, CAPE signed and issued the memorandum “DoD Cost Analysis Data Improvement” which identifies this website as the source for current CSDR Plan Standard policies and procedures:

         “Reliable and comprehensive cost data is essential to produce credible cost estimates as required in both statute and regulation. CAPE, in collaboration with Army, Navy and Air Force cost centers, has strategically planned and implemented updates to improve cost data collection in DoD. Our goals with the updates are to: improve data collection; improve analyst productivity and quality of cost estimates; close data gaps; and provide the cost, acquisition, and resource allocation organizations with data required for better analysis and decision making. The key lines of effort in this cross-community plan include the following updates to current DoD policies:

         Together these updates will greatly improve the ability of the DoD cost analysis community to support acquisition and resourcing organizations in the Department.”

                -DoD Cost Analysis Improvement Memo, January 9, 2017