About Training

This section gives you access to Training information as well as the FACADE training site.

The purpose of CADE training effort is to ensure the best practices and tools and techniques developed within the CADE portal are responsive to the needs of analysts and the cost and acquisition communities at large. This integrated training program is designed to ensure cost analysts and users understand how CADE increases program and data situational awareness and analyst efficiency by providing access to analysis-ready data downloads and quick-look visualizations in order to inform financial decision making

The CADE Training Team strives to provide a dynamic, scenario-driven learning environment oriented towards developing the requisite skills and knowledge of Cost and Software Data Report (CSDR) planning and functionality of CSDR applications to include cPET, CSDR-Submit/Review, Program Planning Module (PPM), compliance dashboard, and CADE data & analytics

The Training Team hosts CADE Regional Training sessions open to industry and government throughout the year using advanced graphics, power points, video clips and interactive storyboarded demos that emphasize data availability, access, daily task synergies and clearly shows the value-add of CADE in cost analysis. In the near future, we host an online Learning Management System, a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology (also called e-learning) courses for CADE training modules. For further information regarding training or to request training please see the links below: