Cost and Software Data Reporting (CSDR) is the Department of Defense (DoD) system for collecting actual costs, software data and related business data. The resulting data repository serves as the primary source for contract cost and software data for most DoD resource analysis efforts; including cost database development, applied cost estimating, cost research, program reviews, analysis of alternatives (AoA's) and life cycle cost estimates. CSDR is structured around seven Data Groups that contain the content required for the electronic submission of actual costs and related business data. The "Cost and Hour Report (FlexFile) Data Item Description (DID)," provides guidance for the preparation and maintenance of FlexFiles.

This Cost and Hour Report (FlexFile) DID summarizes the Data Groups and provides instructions to support the data and frequency requirements specified in the contract for CSDR. The CSDR may be used in response to government solicitations according to Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) sections 234.7100, 234.7101, 242.503-2, 252.234-7003, and 252.234-7004.

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