Data & Analytics

CADE Program Wiki

Allows for Community Knowledge on a specific program to be easily uploaded and shared across the cost community:

  • CADE Library: Contains CARDs and other technical data; ICEs and other cost estimate documentation; and site visits and other useful information
  • Key Events: Specific events that provide additional detail, context, and insight beyond the handful of officially reported events
  • Community Knowledge: Shared information, links, or references about a specific program
  • CCRL Search: The Collaborative Cost Research Library is an online document library that contains over 16,000 cost research files contributed by the services and support contractors
  • External Links: Links to external Service Cost databases and other CADE Stakeholders

CADE Technical Data

Technical data are crucial to provide explanatory cost driver variables for cost estimating relationship (CER) development. CADE is partnered with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering (DASD(SE)) and the service cost centers to systematize the collection of Technical data across Commodities

  • Views: Standard Technical Views might include growth of weight or software size over time. A multitude of views for VAMOSC data are available in the O&S Visual Analysis Tools (VATs)
  • CARD: Submit, browse, and search for Cost Analysis Requirements Description (CARD) documents for the current Program in the CADE Library
  • SRDR: Access Software Resources Data Reports (SRDRs) and related data
  • TDR: Learn about ongoing efforts to implement a Technical Data Report (DD Form 1921-T)

CADE Data Search, Browse, Download

All CSDR and EVM submissions can be easily located using the following CADE features:

  • Data Availability: For the currently selected Program, drill down by Contract, Plan, and Submission to see available CCDRs. Browse available Cost & Software Data Reports (CSDRs), Integrated Program Management Reports (IPMRs) and Contract Performance Reports (CPRs)( by Format (1-4)). Choose “Export” to obtain the original submissions in XML, Excel, or PDF. Choose “Flat File Export” (where available) to download an analysis-ready Excel export from the relational database.
  • Cross Program Query: Search all available CSDR Data in an easy-to-use filter and query tool. Choose the data you want to export in an integrated flat file, ready for analysis, as well as the native contractor files.
  • CADE Library: Search and download important programmatic documents, including CARDs, ICEs, DAB & OIPT Briefings, and many more

CADE Data & Analytics

Within CADE, the data and analytics section provides access to various quick-look analytic views of EVM data, including the ability to annotate and customize views:

  • Performance Over Time
  • Element Performance Comparison
  • Gold Card Views
  • Galaxy Chart
  • TCPI
  • EAC Growth Rate
  • Management Reserve
  • Budget Shifting
  • Planning Performance
  • WBS Contribution
  • Budgeted Work
  • Staffing Deviation
  • Burn Rate