PARCA Earned Value Management (EVM) - Central Repository (CR)

The EVM Central Repository (EVM-CR) is a joint effort between DCARC and OUSD/AT&L, managed by PARCA, that provides centralized reporting, collection, and distribution for Key Acquisition EVM data; a reliable source of authoritative EVM data and access for OSD, the Services, and the DoD Components; houses IPMR (Integrated Program Management Reports) Cost & Schedule reports as well as Contract Funds Status Reports (CFSR) submitted by contractors (and reviewed by Program Management Offices) for ACAT 1C & 1D (MDAP) and ACAT 1A (MAIS) programs; approximately 80 ACAT 1A, 1C, and 1D programs and 210 contracts and tasks reporting data. For more information on:

IPMR Schedule Viewer

Reads and displays data from format 6 IPMR Schedule Files (UN/CEFACT)

IPMR Cost Viewer

Reads and displays data from format 1 - 4 IPMR Cost Files

IPMR DEI Compliance Validator

Validates formats 1-4, 6 & 7 IPMR files against relevant UN/CEFACT xml schemas and many of the data exchange instructions to help evaluate compliance with applicable minimum standards for submission to the government

Time Phased Cost Viewer

Reads and displays data from format 7 IPMR cost files


The UN/CEFACT XML schemas enable the various entities involved in the execution of a project to exchange project management related schedule and cost data throughout the life of a project using a standardized data content framework. To complement the XML schemas, PARCA is working with various constituents in developing and providing a set of guidelines to facilitate the various types of data exchanges including support of the IPMR cost, schedule, and historical data requirements as well as CFSR data requirements.

September 2013 Files:

The submissions to the EVM-CR are required to conform to the base XML schemas from the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT) Data Library Edition D09B and the related DoD specific Data Exchange Instructions (DEIs). The DoD DEIs provided here include all of the business rules to support the specific data requirements in the IPMR Data Item Description (DID) using the base UN/CEFACT XML schemas. Confirmed errata for the DEIs are maintained in a separate document provided below.

XML Digital Signer

This feature shall implement the tools and procedures necessary to apply a digital signature to files intended for upload to the EVM Central Repository (EVM-CR), and the subsequent verification thereof. The system shall ensure that both the person who signs a document, and anyone who subsequently downloads it, can verify that its contents are identical to when it was signed, and that the certification credentials of the signer were valid at the time the file was uploaded to the EVM-CR.

The net effect of this feature provides two desirable outcomes. 1) A signed file cannot be repudiated at a later date by the signing party. 2) The EVM-CR can provide credible assurance that signed files‟ content has not changed since the time it was signed, and that the encryption certificate used to sign a file was checked for authenticity/validity at the time it was uploaded.

This specification was created with due consideration of current Federal Information Processing Standards and United States Department of Defense External Certification Authority X.509 Certificate Policy. The initial version of the specification requires use of the SHA-1 cryptographic hash algorithm because it is widely supported across existing information technology infrastructure. Support for the SHA-2 algorithms is anticipated in a future version of the specification. In the future, use of SHA-1 may be deprecated and use of SHA-2 may be required.