Training Events

Training Events

The CADE Training Team conducts Regional Training sessions throughout the year hosted at DAU campuses and other government facilities. These sessions are designed for the government analyst and use advanced graphics, hands-on activities, and interactive storyboarded demos to emphasize data availability, access, and daily task synergies, and clearly demonstrate the value-add of CADE in cost analysis. CADE 101 is being offered throughout 2018. Come earn your CADE Level I Certification and receive Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) in the process!

CADE offers specialized technical training on tools such as the Contracts Database (KDB), sponsored by AFCAA.

CADE also holds Focus Group meetings twice a year to promote an interchange of ideas between government and industry and to discuss the latest CADE Initiatives.

All CADE stakeholders now have access to CADE training from the convenience of their own desk! As we continue to develop the platform and add courses, you may receive an occasional email notifying you that you’ve been enrolled in a new course. Bridge will also organize and track your learning. For managers, it allows them to track everyone in one easy-to-use dashboard and eases the reporting process.

Bridge is also an online learning environment that you can access from your phone, tablet, or personal computer.

There are two ways to register!

CADE ACCOUNT HOLDERS: You will automatically receive an email on September 6, 2018 from the "CADE Training Team" with your personalized link to register.

NON-CADE ACCOUNT HOLDERS: No CADE account? Don’t worry! You can register for an account at